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February 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

If Amsterdam had a soundtrack, the top three songs that’ll probably make the cut would be:

1. Numb – U2
2. Brain Stew – Green Day
3. Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers

I can almost hear Bono holler ‘I feel numb, I feel numb, too much is not enough’ as I walk along the streets. In a place where people perpetually escape reality on ‘space cakes’ at one of the many cheerful coffee shops, suck on a cannabis or hashish lollipop, or perhaps sip some magic mushroom tea, one has to ponder, when is it ever enough?

Let me first point out that I am writing this under very good influence. By that it means I am not stoned. By some good fortune, in all places, I have been given a reality check. I recently had the honour of meeting a woman whose happiness basically revolved around her baby son. A young single mother who, although now free from a bad relationship, still bore the emotional and physical scars no one can see. But these days are better days, and she takes comfort in the seemingly mundane; fresh bread, a sunny day.

And it seems completely ironic to me that she lives in the city of super excessis maximus. She told me stories about the time she worked in a hotel in Amsterdam and encountered people who were so wasted that they couldn’t even speak. They basically rocked up to the hotel with eyes as big as flying saucers and could not even go back to their rooms independently.

I can relate. I have seen similar the whole 3 days I was there…all the blabbering, nonsense speak, incoherent yelling at strangers. Just nasty, nasty behaviour. And though I’m sure some of you may snicker at this, but I have been feeling quite sober of late, and would really prefer to stay that way. Also the smell of weed was really beginning to make me very paranoid.

So, the moral of the story is, the drugs don’t work. Stay clean, kids!


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