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April 1, 2009 § 4 Comments

Have I ever mentioned that I love flying Business Class? I do. It’s so great. Really. The seats are nice and wide. I can flap my elbows. Newspapers are handed out. A man comes and turns on lights for you if you appear to be reading. You don’t have to queue up for the restrooms with the rest of the ‘commoners’ in Economy. There is so much leg room, you can practically do pilates. So yeah, Business Class is so good, especially when you scored it unexpectedly while having paid for Economy. Woohoo!

To save a few bucks, I decided to fly with Sri Lankan Air, transiting in Colombo, instead of flying direct to Kuala Lumpur. In an aircraft filled with Sri Lankan faces, I found myself in a sweet Business Class seat by virtue of luck. It was a 4 hour flight to Colombo, so I plugged my ipod in and proceeded to zone out. Or so I thought.

Normally, if a person has an ipod plugged in, one would think that person is not up for conversation. Surely. I mean, I just cannot multi-task like that. However, for bizarre reasons which puzzles me, the Sri Lankan man sitting in the next seat thought it would be a excellent time to start a chat. I suppose this is what people do in Business Class. They talk. Middle-aged, very short, with slicked back hair, he proceeded to announce that he worked in an oil company in Abu Dhabi and would I care to give him my number if I was working in Abu Dhabi? I said I didn’t have one and pretended to go to sleep. In hindsight, if I wasn’t so exhausted and was feeling particularly creative, this would be the conversation:

Man: I work for an oil company. These Business Class seats are so bad, they treat us like economy.

Me: Oh yeah, the Sheikh I work for usually puts me in First Class, but in this small aircraft, they only had these seats.

Man: What do you do?

Me: Well, I can’t really reveal too much but let’s say I work for the Sheikh who prefers his affairs to be private.

Does anyone suppose this would have shut him the hell up?


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