Up in the air

June 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

One of the things I love about this movie is its ability to not take itself too seriously. George Clooney doesn’t take himself seriously in this movie. In fact, I can almost detect him having the time of his life as a well-worn traveller who basically lives his life as the title suggests, physically and emotionally. I can relate to this. I recall good distant memories of living out of a suitcase. No commitments, fun casual flings in exotic places, looking forward to a new day in a new land. It is enticing, and one would think that it should never end. Being at an airport is thrilling in itself, as you know the moment you step on the plane it is going to bring you on an adventure you’ve never had before. Doing this alone increases the anticipation, and most importantly, the feeling of solitude, ten-fold. Although George Clooney starts out as an advocate of lonesome, seemingly portraying his nomadic single status as an elite lifestyle choice, in the end the central message is clear. We are all miserable creatures by ourselves.

This message presents itself more than halfway through the movie. For me after starting out liking it immensely, this sudden change of direction left me feeling unsatisfied. I couldn’t understand why the entire movie was built up around one person being happy with his nomadic lifestyle only to change his mind and in the end fall flat on his face. This became a complete farce for me and although all the characters were very convincing and likeable, I was disappointed. I think it would have been a perfect movie if he had found someone to accompany him on his mobile life. I understand that once in a while movies shouldn’t have happy endings, but in this case it needed one.


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