Hot Sunday

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Of the last few Spanish-speaking cities I have been the last few weeks, Mexico City is my favourite. Maybe it is because I have recovered from being sick, and my spirits have improved, along with the weather. It is Easter Sunday, and the hotel I have booked myself into has spontaneously upgraded me to what they call a ‘matrimonial’ suite although I only paid for a single room. The bed is gigantic, and I’m sure it is bigger than a king-sized bed. There is also a jacuzzi in the bathroom, which I fully utilized the night of my arrival. All this for less than $50, so what if I’m alone?

I had expected the city to be dead due to Easter but I am pleasantly wrong. It is bustling with activity, and it seems like every other weekend that is busy and vibrant. There are lots of museums to see, sombreros to buy, and food that was tastier. Well, it was nicer compared to South America, but somehow I can’t see myself developing a liking for tacos and wraps filled with cheese. Actually, on hindsight, even airline food tasted better. Anyway, in 24 hours here I observed:

– The streets are filled with armed police on every corner. Does one feel more or less safe?
– The markets are full of witch-doctors who burn a strange-smelling weed/grass and wave it around people’s bodies. It appears to be some kind of method to ‘bless’ people or to fend off evil spirits or something.
– The Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera museum was very weird and cool at the same time. We weren’t allowed to take photos, but they decorated their kitchen with porcelain decorations of their names. In fact their names were written and adorned everywhere in the house/museum.

Contrary to what people believe, I did not think Mexico City was dangerous at all. It was great fun and I would definitely go back there.


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