March 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

A surefire way for a long-term traveler to burn out quickly is to have a planned daily itenary with many different sights to ‘must-see’ on a list. I love lists as much as the next list-loving person, but thankfully in this instance that is not me. I get bored and lose interest when I try to do too many things in one day, not to mention tire myself out completely and be rendered useless for a few days.

Therefore to keep me sane and connected, I like to have days of nothingness where I do nothing but read blogs. It is a favourite passtime. On these days I keep myself entertained with Orhan´s culinary adventures, S´s next sin in Sydney, or one of Annie’s stupid commentaries on Communist soft toys and living dilemmas. I ‘he-he’ to myself regularly.

Thanks for blogging, girls and boys, and keep it up please. I am still a balanced individual.


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March 16, 2009 § 4 Comments

Despite the nostalgic tone of my last post, the fact of the matter is, although I’m body-weary and mind-worn, I’m having a fabulous time here in Copenhagen. Look, even blogging with pictures by Steph is back. My phone never ceases to amaze me.

Being the professional couchsurfer that I am right now, I’ve come to accept that residing with the male species always guarantees one thing, and that is, a steady supply of alcohol, cheese, pasta, and pizza. It is a reality that remains constant no matter what country I have been in, and fortunately for my poor body, fate has dealt me with 50/50 boys and girls.

The last time I crashed with boys was back in Prague, and the days there were pretty much fueled by gigantic cheap delicious meals, Czech shots, and all around fun-filled company. Although the above mentioned four main ingredients have been present (I know because my head hurts) also for the first time in my life I have had the priviledge to witness two very different spectacles in the last 48 hours.

X and I went to the ballet at the Copenhagen Opera House, which sits majestically on an island in Copenhagen Harbour. We took the taxi boat across the water and approached the building, its magnificent lights sparkling in the misty rain. The building was so striking and the ballet so stunning that I almost wept in its entire perfection.

Another first for me was going to watch the football. I must admit I was dubious in the beginning as I am not a sports fan, and usually after watching about 5 minutes of it on TV my mind always drifted away to things such as ice-cream or hobbits. But off we went to support J’s local team, and to my own surprise I found myself cheering for a club I have never heard of, and groaning whenever the team missed a goal. Spectator sport is a different incarnation altogether when seen in the flesh, and I completely got caught up with the chanting and singing at the testosterone-filled stadium. Go Brondbys.

So yeah, I like drinking tea with girls, but equally enjoy the said activities with the other gender. You are more than meets the eye. You are the unknown. I like waking up next to something beautiful.


March 13, 2009 § 5 Comments

Whether by birth, chance, or circumstance, us girls, be it my close friends back home or those I’ve passed along the way recently, often find ourselves living very different lives. Alot of them have gotten married, some with kids or expecting them along the way. Some are still pursuing academic fulfilment, hankering after that Masters or Phd in order to be content. Others kind of drift along life’s highway, unsure of what to do next. Then there’s me, vagabond extraodinaire, blazing through the roads less traveled.

We are from all over the world, from one continent to the next. One could say that sometimes we have so little in common, yet if someone were to put all us girls together in one room, a mutual bonding between us all will inevitably form when a certain topic surfaces. Yes, you guessed it. MEN.

Throwing race, age, religion and patriotism out the window, girls love bitching about men no matter where we come from. There are romeos and assholes in every country and that unfortunately is an inevitable fact and cannot be dismissed. In many instances I’ve found myself sharing stories with girls I’ve just met and in my opinion if girls can talk about sex and men within minutes of knowing each other, you’re friends for life. This has been the case with many girls I’ve couchsurfed with, you know who you are. I would never have survived this long without you. Wink.

I’m writing this as a shout out to my girlfriends back home. I watched one season of Sex And The City not too long ago in some European country and thought about us. Yeah, I’ve found competent substitutes these last few months, but still I want you. I’m coming back to have that long-awaited ‘yum cha’ and tea-drinking session at your place, I. It would be nice to claim my kettle back from you, TW, and my beautiful dress from you, A. Soon, girls. For now, playing around with my blog template while watching the raindrops falling in Copenhagen.

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