Bad ass

February 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

One of the most perplexing things about my personality that has contributed to both my merit and downfall is my incontrollable tendency to be an overachiever. It is truly a disorder that has infected me since I was born, and never has it manifested itself more evidently than whilst I’m traveling.

My first decade of living comprised of trying to win medals I no longer care about. It was schools’ way of encouraging gullible little children to study. (It worked). The second decade was spent chasing the opposite sex, an activity I discovered was frivolous and a total waste of time. (But bad habits die hard). I had spent the third decade pursuing one of the longest and most financially unrewarding careers imaginable: architecture, just to prove to myself that I could endure 7 years of training. Also, my mother wanted me to be an accountant. (So there, mom).

In view of the above I do believe I harbour a severe fear of being ordinary. What I am trying to strive for now is to hit my target of having been to 30 countries (which is really not a lot since there are almost 200 countries in the world) before heading back to Sydney, preferably with sexy French man in tow. Nevermind that it is rainy and snowy and the coldest European winter in more than 20 years. Not important that the loneliness and homesickness brooding in my mind has been appearing more and more. Doesn’t matter that I had been sick. My body and brain are saying, go home. Go home now. We refuse to be allies to your stupidity! Shut up, brain. Body, you shut up too. Must. Keep. Going.

Seriously. I’m Asian. I JUST CAN’T HELP IT. It is a blessing and a curse.


Eat your spinach

February 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

The good news is, I’m fixed! The bad news is, I had to miss my 53€ bus to Berlin because I was too busy arguing with my stomach. It won, I am the loser. And now I need to buy another one. A ticket, not a stomach in case you were wondering.

But! Good news is still good news. Food is tasty again! I can finally eat the Belgian chocolate I had been hoarding. And what better to help one recover then eat spinach? Spinach is the bomb. Because Popeye eats it. He eats it and then he is strong again. And Popeye is like a super healthy dude. I bet he never gets sick. Except maybe of that horrid Olive. Oh yes, also honey is good for you. Thanks too to those friends who wrote me nice emails after reading about my sickness and homesickness. I have two friends, hooray!

Shades of grey

February 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

As my health, spirit and my current state of mind continues its downward spiral into what I can only describe as self-pitydom, for some reason or other the colour grey has decided to blanket all my thoughts like a cloud of doom.

The entire freaking city is covered in grey. Buildings are more like a darker shade, ominous and gloomy, complementing the equally grey cobblestone streets, which are kind of painful to walk on. Over the buildings the sky is foggy, the air thin and cold, and though I will say this shade of grey is a lighter one, it is albeit more powerful as it spreads its evil domain.

Like tendrils of smoke all this greyness has weaved its way into my head, and now everything I see, feel and hear is, well, bleah. One of the worst things about being sick is that I seem to have lost my ability to taste food. This is very sad indeed. If taste had a colour, it is now grey. My tastebuds have become grey, and all the food I have tried to ingest, is in my mind, a gruel shade of grey. You read right, gruel.

So, this wonderful experience is all in the little place called Brussels in which apparently the Smurfs were invented. Yes those little blue dunno-whats who are always joyful and chasing after Smurfette. Was there ever a Grumpy Smurf? Or perhaps all this greyness is why good old Gargamel was invented, to chase the happy blue things away, and eat them up?


February 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

That, my friends, is a delicious Belgian waffle. But I’m sorry to say I don’t have very good memories of it, for I am dead sick in Brussels at the moment. It is even too boring to elaborate, so I won’t.

Also, it is cold as hell. I don’t really know what hell is like, but I’m sure it is as cold as this horrible cold weather. It is so cold, my eyelashes feel cold.

I’m sorry for all this bad writing. I am sick, sick, sick.

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