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It was a weekday afternoon and I was sitting on a weathered old park bench enjoying yet another day of sunshine this winter had decided to present to us. There was a man practicing his saxophone under a gazebo nearby, and I listened to the sweet music wafting through the air along with the cool breeze amongst the trees. It is a serenity I haven’t felt in the longest time, and it seemed an odd sensation. In fact, it made me happy, quite unexpectedly, just like events that transpired in recent weeks. Just a few random things that contributed to this:

1. Frodo has learnt to play fetch. It only seems to work with small bits of paper and my hairbands but it’s very amusing.
2. I met a real gentleman recently who treated me like I deserve to be treated. He brought out the best in me.
3. Sydney is beautiful to live in. Where else would winter give us 27 degree afternoons?
4. I took a 6-day long weekend not long ago to. Just because I wanted to spend time with people I liked.

That’s kind of enough.


Screenprinting on Saturday

August 7, 2011 § 6 Comments

The printing room.

Since I was woefully unprepared with my own artwork, I chose a beautiful drawing by Daniel Libeskind.

The silk screens.

Preparing to shoot the image.

Shot image on screen.

Pouring ink for printing.

Printing in one fell swoop.

Ta-da! Finished print on stock paper. It only took 7 hours to get to this point.

Test prints on paper.

Test print on a t-shirt.

Though the photos look quite succinct, in reality the process was painfully long and laborious. Hours on your feet, mixing, washing, pouring. It was art in its true form. The end result was super cool.

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