On a rainy Sydney night

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Rain always makes me contemplative. So today, as the downpour filled the streets with gushing water, I contemplated on the things I simply cannot live without. The things that make me, me. In no particular order, I narrowed it down to the following:

1. Tea. I like black tea with milk in particular, but if I’m feeling fancy, I also drink peppermint tea, green tea, chamomile tea, and generally non-fruity tea.
2. Bedsheets. Not your average Kmart ones, but premium luxury sheets, covers, and pillows. Since I spend so much time in bed, I may as well do it in comfort and style.
3. Books. I am the kind of person that buys and hoards books. There was one time I went crazy at a warehouse book sale, and bought enough to last me a year or two. I’ve read more than half of them, but many are still waiting to be read. And I’m still buying more books.
4. Rice. I can’t survive more than 2 or 3 days without eating it. Since I cook mostly Asian food, there is always jasmine rice in the pantry. But lately, I’ve been getting arborio, brown, and basmati, though I only cook those when I’m not feeling lazy since they take more time.
5. Words. When I’m not reading them or listening to them in songs, I’m writing them. That’s what blogs are for I guess!


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