Just gotta make it

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

2 weeks on and I have reached the halfway point on my trip. After 9 days in Bolivia, passing overland amongst its bizarre landscapes and extreme weather conditions, I am ready to leave this country. The land is harsh and dry, the environment unfriendly. Although I have been travelling with a group of six in my attempt to socialize through shared experiences on the other side of the world, at this moment in time I find myself more withdrawn than ever. Perhaps it is due to my own feelings of insecurity, or constant thoughts of the issues I thought I was escaping in sydney, or that I am the only non-Caucasion. Terribly enough, I am isolating myself here as well, choosing to avoid people at breakfast and passing on nights out. It has not helped also that physically, I feel like shit. I pile layers of blankets on top of myself to try and fight the coldness of this place but it does not help. It is cold, too cold to stay here. The altitude of 4100mm has introduced waves of nausea and breathlessness. Nights are sleepless. I hope to feel better upon crossing the border to Argentina tonight.


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