First forays

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the first time in 2 years, I have restarted my couchsurfing career. I am in Santiago, Chile, in a nice part of town at Seb’s cute and colourful apartment, complete with my own room, ensuite, and view from the balcony and pool rooftop looking over the Andes. The mountains are pretty damn spectacular. Jetlag didn’t bog me down too much when I arrived here yesterday afternoon, but after a hot shower, a nice lunch, and a power nap, I went out with Seb to celebrate his friend’s birthday later that night. It was a full-on Chilean fiesta, and his friend A together with his band (long-haired hippie men) sang with such gusto that I was incredibly entertained and clapping along despite not knowing a word of Spanish. It reminded me of that night in Bilbao. Ah, good memories.

Another thing I find very amusing is the traffic light touts. Similar in concept to those in Sydney who wash your windscreen in exchange for loose change, but so different in approach. Over here, people perform for money. Yesterday I spotted a couple completely geared up in traditional costume, and did a funny little jig in the middle of the road. Today I saw a teenage boy manipulate a glass ball up and down his shoulders and back without dropping it. Hell, I could definitely part with some change for that kind of thing rather than having my windscreen washed!


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