Happy election day

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

For the first time in my adult life, I am voting. As a displaced individual for as long as I can remember, moving from place to place with no real country to call ‘home’, this is a milestone. In preparation for this important occasion, I have been paying attention to what politicians have to say. So many have asked me who I was voting for, and as I find myself telling people that I was undecided, deep in my mind I knew who it was going to be the minute the election was called. Although I don’t claim to understand all their policies, I can reveal that I dislike one of them a lot less than the other. However, as fate would have it, I will be in Darwin on my first election weekend. Due to this situation, I have made many extra efforts to obtain an Early Postal Vote, which I have put in the mail this very afternoon. So, this weekend, from the Northern Territory, I will be holding my breath with the rest of the nation, and being, for the first time, a part of something bigger than myself.

PS 25/8/10: Just my luck to have a hung parliament for my first voting experience.


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