12 months later

July 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like Chris, I try to practice a life of non-conformity. This unconventional way of life, which I have lived since 2008, when I decided to give everything up and pursue extended travel, has brought with it more challenges than I could have imagined. I stopped working for one year and decided to try my hand at travel writing, something I had always wanted to do. I spent 2 months writing a travel guide for women, now published online. Upon return to Australia, I jumped straight into self-employment in a volatile economic background. I did everything I could to get private work. In the last 3 months I embarked on a new creative venture.

Through all the lonely hours of documenting designs, articles, and general business ideas, after 12 months of unconventional income-earning, I have achieved the following:

– My travel guide the Art of Solo Travel has now sold at least 65 copies in 6 weeks. This will be passive income for me every month, for, forever, I hope.
– Private and FUN architectural work has earned me more income in 9 months than working full-time for an employer for 12 months.
– My new homeware label is now up and running exactly 3 months after its inception. Marketing is now the really hard bit.

So…just gotta keep going. It would really help if people would join my Facebook page and offer your support.


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