To TV or not to TV?

July 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

Now that the date of the companion’s month-long European holiday bonanza is drawing near, with the anticipated long nights of many dates with myself, I have started thinking about buying a TV again after abandoning the idea a few months ago in the wake of quitting my well-paid but mentally disturbing employment. Although one might argue that I should have gotten used to the silence of a TV-less abode, whenever I do visit someone’s house with a TV, I inevitably find myself glued to it. Last night I discovered the existence of a very confusing show called The United States of Tara. From what I could make out, it’s Toni Collette talking to herself. Perhaps I could be wrong. I would need to watch more episodes.

Anyway, it appears my organized self may reap rewards, and a TV. Every year, I’m always the first one of anyone I know who lodges my tax return. I can’t help it, I just want all my damn money back now. So this year is no exception, and it’s a jackpot! I got back more than I expected, and it looks like a TV may be back on the agenda. Now the dilemma is, which one to get? LCD, LED, 3D HD? Suggestions welcomed.


12 months later

July 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like Chris, I try to practice a life of non-conformity. This unconventional way of life, which I have lived since 2008, when I decided to give everything up and pursue extended travel, has brought with it more challenges than I could have imagined. I stopped working for one year and decided to try my hand at travel writing, something I had always wanted to do. I spent 2 months writing a travel guide for women, now published online. Upon return to Australia, I jumped straight into self-employment in a volatile economic background. I did everything I could to get private work. In the last 3 months I embarked on a new creative venture.

Through all the lonely hours of documenting designs, articles, and general business ideas, after 12 months of unconventional income-earning, I have achieved the following:

– My travel guide the Art of Solo Travel has now sold at least 65 copies in 6 weeks. This will be passive income for me every month, for, forever, I hope.
– Private and FUN architectural work has earned me more income in 9 months than working full-time for an employer for 12 months.
– My new homeware label is now up and running exactly 3 months after its inception. Marketing is now the really hard bit.

So…just gotta keep going. It would really help if people would join my Facebook page and offer your support.

The curious case of the empty fridge

July 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

After a rather nice duck roast dinner the other night, I seem to have eaten myself out of house and home. This is what I’ve got left:

Top shelf: A trial-sized jar of apricot jam, butter, and 3 artificially-flavoured juice boxed left over from Blue Mountains trip.

Second shelf down: Absolutely nothing except a bottle of Apple Cider.

Third shelf down: Leftover white rice in a teacup.

Last shelf: Dried half-packet of mushrooms and preserved citrus skin. Chinese stuff.

Left bottom drawer: Cold, cold fridge air.

Right bottom drawer: 4 miserable mandarins.

Do note, however, I have 2 eggs and bottles/jars of various sauces. I need to go grocery shopping at Broadway tomorrow to stock up, or I’ll starve.

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