To the mountains we go

June 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Being urban folk, it’s always nice yet strange to go up to the mountains where you hear nought but the trees, wind, and chirping birds. My ears strain to catch the slightest sound of other cars or even passing residents but there were none from the little cabin in the woods. I guess I was stuck with quiet nature for the weekend.

It was cold as hell. I’ve been to the Blue Mountains many times, but have never ventured to Blackheath, where a little-known pavillion and cabin renovated by Glenn Murcutt is situated. It had been bought 4 years ago by an elderly Sydney couple, who have not only kept the integrity of its architecture with tasteful furnishing inside and out, but added to its charm by building a koi pond, a duck pond, and cute native gardens all around it. Of course, it being situated in 4 hectares of Australian bush also contributed to its personality.

The drive there was pretty smooth, and managed to catch a glimpse of the Three Sisters before sunset. I think I also had the most expensive dinner of my life at Ashcroft’s, where I had the best potatoes in world. However, for the money paid, I think Baroque, which I blogged about last month, would be to a similar standard for about half the price.

However, the true purpose of the trip was the Jenolan Caves concert. It was another hour from Blackheath, and the drive along the tiny winding roads seemed to take forever. I suppose I felt intimidated in my little hatchback with a big tour bus following closely behind. Made it there in one piece though, and got ready for the classical concert in the main chamber of the Lucas Caves. A nice gentleman gave the group a tour of the caves, and after 15 minutes brought us into the main chamber where the concert was held. As I sank into the camping chair and closed my eyes to the lovely sounds wafting through the acoustically perfect cave, I struggled not to fall asleep. Right beside me, the companion already did, and I had to give him a prod to stop him from snoring.

The drive back was dark and uneventful. After some bad Chinese food, I had a very early night in the warm cabin by the fire. Sunday was the last day, and a true blue mountains bushwalk was on the agenda. No koalas, kangaroos or wombats made an appearance, so I had to be satisfied with a few rosellas and annoying magpies. The view at Evans Lookout was magnificent though. Check it out. By the way, the neighbour’s doofing music is really starting to piss me off. Bring me back to the mountains!


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