First podcast attempt

April 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

To help foster trust and build-up to my travel e-book due to be released by Indie Travel Podcast next month, they’ve suggested that I record a video for my potential audience and buyers. As an extremely un-video/photo-genic person, the very thought of being in a video immediately sent my sweat glands into overproduction. I protested, and to support my valid reasoning I pointed out that the guy who is releasing the 1000 Awesome Things book is promoting it without actually being seen or heard. Doesn’t NOT being seen or heard add to my aura of mystery?

However as the site is named Indie Travel Podcast, I suggested that perhaps audio might suffice to insinuate that a real human being is indeed behind the book. So tonight, I attempted to record my first podcast. In preparation, I wrote myself a script. Naturally. I opened my Quicktime player and read from my well-thought out script so that the recording would have no mistakes.

Conclusion. I sound stupid. I sound like my dog just died. I sound like someone’s got their finger up my nose. Obviously I write a lot better than I talk. Gee, do I really sound this awful? I am hesitant about recording the next few podcasts I’ve promised in 10 days time. Very. Hesitant.


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