Growing old gracefully

March 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Some passing thoughts of a new old fart attending a music festival over the weekend.

– Why is everyone holding a red provisional driving license except me? Duh, because EVERYONE is, LIKE, um, 18.
– Is there a new fashion school only teenagers know about?
– I hate all your cloned haircuts. And those damn shorts.
– Why do all of you have ‘Carpe Diem’ tattooed on your bodies? Not qualified.
– Oh, they will definitely regret having ‘Catherine’ tattooed above their left nipple.
– Hey, limit yourself to your 2 serves of alcohol!
– Gee, everyone’s an idiot.

I am so not going to next year’s.

Update March 10: A couldn’t-have-said-it-better-myself review here.


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