A weekend in Paradise

February 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is the bleak rainy view from the hotel balcony where I spent the weekend. The photo does not do it justice, for I can only describe the rain as torrential. The voice on the radio announced that it was the rainiest weekend in an entire century, and many places were completely flooded. Surely they do not exaggerate. Alas, this is my world, where bad weather karma follows me around faithfully like a wet dog. I lingered on the thought that I must truly be cursed, as I observed the puddles starting to form dark stains on the carpet. I was in the Sunshine State, and no one was more aware of the irony than I. Nevertheless, I have grown quite used to this weather trickery, and dutifully informed the companion that we were going to have a good time despite the rain. Armed with my trusty umbrella, we trooped off to admire the rays and the sharks in not-so-sunshiny Seaworld. We went on the rides. We watched the dolphin shows. We took photos of the pelicans. We even went to the beach in the rain. Afterwards we pub-crawled our way through Surfers Paradise, watching the water rush past our shoes as we nibbled on tapas and got drunk on wine. The rain continued for 2 whole days. The best part – the sun shone fiercely the day we departed.


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