After a hard day

February 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love looking at all those junk mail flyers promoting white good and electronics from JB Hi-fi, Bing Lee, Good Guys, Harvey Norman. In a weird twisted way, surveying the rows of fridges, ovens and microwaves I will never own, which would exist only in the kitchen I will never have, is kind of relaxing. Even reading all the various features of a washing machine, checking what the WELS rating is, how much it spins per minute, has become part of my down-time routine at home after work. Also, my favourite page is the appliance page. Wow, look at that nice shiny coffee machine. If only I liked coffee, I could have me one of those machines. What about a citrus juicer? I bet I will be drinking my fair of orange juice, if only I had a juicer. And you know what I really need? A bagless vacuum cleaner. Those chips from last weekend’s get-together are beginning to settle into the carpet. Maybe I could steam mop them away. Oh wait! You know what’s really cool? An air multiplier.


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