Location unknown

February 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Sometime this week I need to book hotel accommodation. This is because I am flying off to the Gold Coast with the companion in exactly 5 days from today. 10 years I have been in this country and I have never stepped foot that far north of Australia or been to Sea World. So a few months ago when a ridiculously dirt cheap airfare came around, I somehow convinced the companion to buy us those tickets.

Anyway, back to accommodation. So, it is kind of last minute booking, so where else to look but the Last Minute website. The prices advertised there are maliciously deceiving. There are many hotels for a ‘low rate’ of less than $100 but when one clicks to obtain more information, one finds out a stay needs to be a week or more in order for that price to be valid. However, an interesting feature about this website is that it also promotes ‘Secret Hotels’ for the same low rate as the other mediocre ones, which basically means you book and pay for a hotel before its name and location are revealed. The hotel will be 4 to 5 stars though.

Before I continue let me point out that I do not like NOT knowing where I am staying when booking hotels. I’m the kind of person who judges the quality of a hotel by the photo gallery on their website. I mean, if I am going to pay so much money to stay in a hotel, I just need to know this information. Are their rooms professionally decorated? Is their reception lobby spacious and inviting? Most importantly, do they have hairdryers in their rooms? All vital requirements.

I am tempted though, to try a Secret Hotel. Yeah, what the hell, live on the edge a bit. Will I get a gem or a dud? I guess I will find out this weekend.


§ 2 Responses to Location unknown

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    Oh, really? I like the sounds of this Secret Hotel business. Especially if hookers and blow is involved.

    Y’know, I’ve never been anymore north than Newcastle. I’m sure I will see the crazy state someday soon.

  • Steph says:

    Welcome back Orhan! I I guess you will have to bring Chandi there, a good excuse to go 🙂

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