February 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

I have not been writing for a while. This is because I have been insanely busy with work – yes the work that I hate but do because it allows me to live in my nice apartment building where I don’t need to worry when the next cockroach will appear around the corner. I do not like cockroaches. Also, I have been getting more work that I do occasionally like, which is designing people’s homes. I get to do that one day per week, which is 14.2% of the time. Still, that makes doing hate-work suck less. So, with all this love-hate work, maintaining my obnoxiously clean place, and constantly stocking the fridge with lots of food so I don’t starve, the rest of the time I allow myself to be just plain lazy. I have been so lazy that I have not even been writing my regular articles for ITP. And, I’m shopping for a new TV. Life is busy!


I have a question

February 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

It might be a conundrum. A while ago, I may have mentioned that I work for a ‘religious’ company. I can’t say too much, but let’s just say I’m working on projects that serve the religious community. Not only that, but it seems like 90% of my co-workers are saintly church-goers. Now I have nothing against people with deep religious beliefs, but I have never felt the need for these beliefs to help guide me down the road.

The conundrum is this. I have no appreciation for the community for which work I’m doing, although doing it pays my bills and buys me nice things. So something I don’t believe in, is supporting my lifestyle. Which I’m pretty sure are many sinful things that particular community does not support. For example, I’ll be standing on my milkcrate swigging alcohol and taking pictures with my new camera, bought with the money doing this work has earned me, cheering on the queens this Mardi Gras weekend. Ironic?

A weekend in Paradise

February 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is the bleak rainy view from the hotel balcony where I spent the weekend. The photo does not do it justice, for I can only describe the rain as torrential. The voice on the radio announced that it was the rainiest weekend in an entire century, and many places were completely flooded. Surely they do not exaggerate. Alas, this is my world, where bad weather karma follows me around faithfully like a wet dog. I lingered on the thought that I must truly be cursed, as I observed the puddles starting to form dark stains on the carpet. I was in the Sunshine State, and no one was more aware of the irony than I. Nevertheless, I have grown quite used to this weather trickery, and dutifully informed the companion that we were going to have a good time despite the rain. Armed with my trusty umbrella, we trooped off to admire the rays and the sharks in not-so-sunshiny Seaworld. We went on the rides. We watched the dolphin shows. We took photos of the pelicans. We even went to the beach in the rain. Afterwards we pub-crawled our way through Surfers Paradise, watching the water rush past our shoes as we nibbled on tapas and got drunk on wine. The rain continued for 2 whole days. The best part – the sun shone fiercely the day we departed.

After a hard day

February 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love looking at all those junk mail flyers promoting white good and electronics from JB Hi-fi, Bing Lee, Good Guys, Harvey Norman. In a weird twisted way, surveying the rows of fridges, ovens and microwaves I will never own, which would exist only in the kitchen I will never have, is kind of relaxing. Even reading all the various features of a washing machine, checking what the WELS rating is, how much it spins per minute, has become part of my down-time routine at home after work. Also, my favourite page is the appliance page. Wow, look at that nice shiny coffee machine. If only I liked coffee, I could have me one of those machines. What about a citrus juicer? I bet I will be drinking my fair of orange juice, if only I had a juicer. And you know what I really need? A bagless vacuum cleaner. Those chips from last weekend’s get-together are beginning to settle into the carpet. Maybe I could steam mop them away. Oh wait! You know what’s really cool? An air multiplier.

Location unknown

February 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Sometime this week I need to book hotel accommodation. This is because I am flying off to the Gold Coast with the companion in exactly 5 days from today. 10 years I have been in this country and I have never stepped foot that far north of Australia or been to Sea World. So a few months ago when a ridiculously dirt cheap airfare came around, I somehow convinced the companion to buy us those tickets.

Anyway, back to accommodation. So, it is kind of last minute booking, so where else to look but the Last Minute website. The prices advertised there are maliciously deceiving. There are many hotels for a ‘low rate’ of less than $100 but when one clicks to obtain more information, one finds out a stay needs to be a week or more in order for that price to be valid. However, an interesting feature about this website is that it also promotes ‘Secret Hotels’ for the same low rate as the other mediocre ones, which basically means you book and pay for a hotel before its name and location are revealed. The hotel will be 4 to 5 stars though.

Before I continue let me point out that I do not like NOT knowing where I am staying when booking hotels. I’m the kind of person who judges the quality of a hotel by the photo gallery on their website. I mean, if I am going to pay so much money to stay in a hotel, I just need to know this information. Are their rooms professionally decorated? Is their reception lobby spacious and inviting? Most importantly, do they have hairdryers in their rooms? All vital requirements.

I am tempted though, to try a Secret Hotel. Yeah, what the hell, live on the edge a bit. Will I get a gem or a dud? I guess I will find out this weekend.

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