Big Day Out

January 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

The clock at Central showed 2pm, and the plan was to get to Sydney Olympic Park at 2:30pm to catch the first act we wanted to see. It was a band that I didn’t know, but hell, I didn’t care. With an excess of energy and excitement, I wisely took the day off work and slept in past 9am. I knew it would be a good move. Armed with the essentials – tank top, shorts, covered shoes and of course the lovely companion, I attended my very first Big Day Out here in Sydney.

Temperatures soared. It must be at least 35 degrees. We sweltered but rejoiced in the sunshine thinking about our poor colleagues who were working meaninglessly at that moment. We wandered around aimlessly looking for sunscreen and beer. Sunscreen was eventually found in a poorly indicated area, and obviously beer found us. At $7 a pop, beer was everywhere. Looking for the strange green tag to put on our wrists to indicate we were above 18, did take a while. It was Friday. Everyone looked about 12. I guess that included us.

Call me a girl, but I squealed like one at Powderfinger and Eskimo Joe. My eardrums were almost lost where the companion dragged me to Fear Factory. I did not understand metal, but amused myself by observing the head-bangers around me. One guy slapped me with his dreadlocks. I forgave him. It is metal. The companion has tried to explain, but my brains did not want to listen. Me and metal, shall forever lead separate lives, and that’s ok. I saw bands I never really knew, but raved about by others, though I found myself not disliking Mars Volta and Muse.

The verdict – a good Big Day Out. This has prepared me for the next music festival we are going to in March. I realize I am having too much fun. I do not want to go to work. I do not want to wake up at 7am on weekdays. I do not want to think about doors and windows and staircases. I want to go to music festivals and the beach every day. Can someone tell me how? At least until summer’s over.


§ 2 Responses to Big Day Out

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    Become a Band-Aid. Not quite a groupie, not quite a fan.

    Problem solved.

    I’ve never been to the Big Day Out, or anywhere as crowded and hot as that. I feel like I’m missing out.

  • Steph says:

    I think everyone should go at least once, just to call yourself a Sydney-sider. It was really good!

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