A year in solitude

January 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

So the new decade has begun. At a somewhat rocky start, here are some memorable statistics of the last year.

Countries travelled: 18

Starting 2009 in France, I subsequently made my way around 18 countries in the following order. France – Switzerland – Liechtenstein – Netherlands – Belgium – Germany – Czech Republic – Austria – Hungary – Sweden – Denmark – Italy – Greece – United Arab Emirates – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Australia. After an exhausting and emotional trip, I finally made my way back home to Sydney halfway through the year.

Hours worked: Around 650

I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot. After a 12-month period of unemployment and time-wasting, I rejoined the rat-race on the eve of my birthday this year in September.

Hours wasted on Facebook: 1000

Facebook is evil. Although the novelty of sticky-beaking into everyone’s lives is starting to wear off, I can’t help but spend many unproductive hours continuing to do exactly that. Remember, I don’t own a TV.

Money spent: More than $30,000

Thanks to travelling, buying a car, starting a collection of new furniture, and a seemingly endless plethora of other useless things, I appear to have an empty bank account. Good memories though.

Alcohol consumed: 300 litres (maybe)

Notably, a large portion of that came from spending time in France and the Czech Republic. A special mention also to Bali, home of deliciously delicious Bintang beer.

Other highlights include starting a business and working for myself (sort of), writing an e-book, starting a new relationship, reconnecting with old friends, and accepting the way of the world. Happy 2010, folks.


§ 2 Responses to A year in solitude

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    You still don’t own a TV? For shame!

    Happy new year, Steph. Hope this one treats you alot better than the closing months of last year.

  • Steph says:

    That will be one of the goals for 2010, buy a TV. Happy new year to you too, and seeing that we both now own real beds, it surely will be a better one.

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