On the sixth-last day

December 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

Here I am, it’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, and what am I doing at home? It seems I am working. On the lead-up to Christmas, I suddenly find myself swamped with so much to do that in the last week or so even I have been finding myself extremely dull. In the morning it begins at 7am and flying through work at Milsons Point with no lunch breaks, then it’s back home at 7pm, dinner on the table, and straight back onto the computer at 8pm, before collapsing exhausted to bed at 11pm. I have not been socializing, going to the beach, or wasting time. And you know how much I love wasting time.

Why am I doing all this you wonder? Well, after having been unemployed for a period of time I found myself bored and sullen with no money. Working seems to produce money, which buys me holidays, nice things, alcohol, and sometimes, even happiness. So it’s hours of cramming to make 4 weeks worth of income in a short 2 weeks. Is it possible? Yes. Yes it is. I just don’t guarantee any form of sanity in my frame of mind by the end of it, that’s all.


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