Long gush goodnight

December 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Beware. Achtung. Stop reading if you do not want to throw up your dinner. I am about to start a long gush.

Today I feel quite pleasant. Happy, even. The sun was shining its shiny-ness, I had been zooming around all day in my new car, plus the ipod just blasted out a couple of my favourite Chili Peppers songs by random coincidence. Yet another random coincidence is that my car number plate is the year of my birth. Do not even ask me how that happened, but I’m not complaining.

Things have been up and down, but mostly up. Life has never been busier or more interesting. A large part of this I have to thank the lovely companion, who has introduced me to the many depths and extremes of what human emotions are capable of. He is the most melodramatic, curious and illogical person I have ever met, yet in all his flawed splendour, he makes me feel like I am finally living my life.

For example if it wasn’t for him, I would never have heard of Chris Guillebeau or Smashing Magazine, two very different yet relevant resources that continue to inspire me in my writing and artistic pursuits.

I am also starting to appreciate music a lot more. His enthusiasm for it means that we are now the proud owners of tickets to two big music festivals in Sydney – Big Day Out and Future. I have lived in Sydney for this many years and they will be my first music festivals. I know, shame on me! Anyhow, I am really excited.

Being in the web business also means he regularly spews out technical terms such as SEO, HTML, CSS et cetera. To me it used to be mumbo-jumbo, but I am starting to understand its importance in my future travel writing career.

As a true-blue city girl, I am also regularly entertained with stories about his culture and life out in the Basque countryside, where his extended family milk cows, make cheese and wine, and farm animals. My childhood consisted of flight paths, highways, and dirty sidewalks, so blissful country life seems fascinating. The point is, we never run out of things to talk about. I love this. So thank you, for putting up with me, and sharing yourself with me all the way on this side of the world. Things are looking up.


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