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December 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

In the lifespan of my architectural career, I have always worked in small offices. By small I mean you can count the number of people with one or two hands. This suited me really well, because I had the notion that the smaller the practice, the lesser the work, the more cosy the experience. I wasn’t far from the truth, for I never worked one day of overtime in my life, always got paid fairly and on time, and work was by no means extremely difficult or stressful. Hell, I even had fun. Even though I stayed no longer than 3 years in each office I worked in so I may pursue other endeavours, I always left with memories that became good in hindsight, and most importantly made dear friendships that have lasted to this day.

Small practices have all but disappeared from the face of Sydney in the past year or two. People who had established themselves for 5-6 years have packed up and shipped themselves back to the corporate world. Although sad, it’s a current reality in the construction industry and everyone, including me, have had to purse our lips and go to work in one of the few bigwig companies that are still thriving. The company that currently pays my bills employ more than 50 people. In a place with so many people one might think that the chances of making friends dramatically increases ten-fold. Ironically this is not the case, and hard as it is to believe, I do not like one single person at work. There are people I am indifferent to, there are people who annoy me sometimes, and there are people who downright infuriate me every time I see them.

For example there is Mr Arrogant who barely graduated out of uni who bosses 6-7 people around like he is the bomb. What really infuriates me is that people let him. He has amazing Pr skills with upper management and uses every opportunity to be mate-y with them. If one is having lunch alone at the balcony, he will zoom out there with his lunch. The other day I even caught him dressing exactly like one of them – ergo polo shirt with collar upturned, skinny pants and thongs. Mr Arrogant has not spoken one word to me ever since I started working there in September and I’m more than happy to keep it that way. Stay in your corner 3 meters away from me at all times.

It’s not surprising then that Mr Arrogant is good pals with Ms Airhead. Ms Airhead landed the job because her parents are friends with the founder of the company. She does not have any real qualifications and flits around asking people to draft drawings for her because she does not know how to use the computer except for Facebook. Sure, this sounds a bit harsh, but it is true. She occasionally comes around Mr Arrogant’s desk, giggles over a private joke, and skips back to her side with a big grin on her face.

Then there’s everyone else that I don’t care about. What more is there to say? I just need to hold out another 11 months.


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