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November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Right this moment I really should be getting off the computer and doing something more leisurely like read a book but there is just one little bit of awesome I feel like sharing. Just hours ago I received what I hope will be the second-last amendment to my book contract. Ok, so my 12,000-odd words will be starting its life as an e-book, but holding an actual printed contract in my hands seemed exciting. And now with a real solicitor poring their legal eyes through it makes it all the more real. I will be politely asking y’all to buy my book once it’s out. That shall be soon, so start saving.

Another round of awesome is that I have booked tickets to somewhere in China. I think it’s a part of China. Anyway a couple of posts ago I pondered if it was worth the exorbitant price during peak season to fly to Malaysia a second time in 6 months just to attend a wedding for a day. Since then I decided that you can’t put a price on friendship, but you can pay an extra $300 more and fly to a whole different country while stopping over for a wedding in Malaysia. Hey! Now that’s smart flying, huh?

Also! I am reading Harry Potter again. And what is awesome about that is that by some miraculous turn I have completely forgotten how the whole thing ends, so it is like reading a brand new book all over. And! My apartment is clean, clean, clean.


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