Congrats TW!

November 10, 2009 § 4 Comments

To this day although almost every Chinese person I know has gotten married, I have never attended a real Chinese wedding of any of my friends. Now let me point out that Chinese weddings are so tacky they are fun. It occurs over the entire day, which begins in the morning with the Groom Test. This means that the groom is required to drive to the bride’s house in the morning with a band of chosen male comrades who will all be required to perform a series of challenges in order to receive the bride, who is the ‘prize’. Some examples may include drinking concoctions of vodka mixed with chilli, and reciting embarrassing poems in one’s underpants. Once they complete these tasks, they will be allowed to go into the bride’s house, the groom ‘wins’ her, and together they perform the Tea Ceremony, which literally means serving tea to each others’ in-laws. At night, a big-ass banquet will be held at a restaurant or hotel of choice, in which a hired elderly lady will MC on stage and provide light entertainment to the attendees such as yodel traditional Chinese songs.

Most of the Chinese friends I know who do hold traditional weddings are in Malaysia. Since I have not lived in that country for almost 10 years, on the occasion that I do get invited to these things, the timing has never worked out. Secondly, when the timing was no issue, inevitably it always occurs when airfares are at their most ridiculously expensive. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 really, and most recently, I have been invited to yet another friend’s wedding due to be held in the first week of January. However this is no ordinary friend. It’s a friend I have known for 16 years of my life, and we have been friends throughout every single boyfriend and girlfriend that have come and go. It’s a friend I don’t see often, but everytime we see one another, be it every 3 or 4 years, it’s like we never left.

And now he will tie the knot, and I would love to be there to celebrate with him. It will cost me roughly $1500 to fly back just for a week. Should I or shouldn’t I? I think may already know the answer.


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