Small tragedies

November 7, 2009 § 2 Comments

Alrighty, this might be a controversial post, but I’m gonna post it anyway. Beat me down and hurl insults at me if you must, but after a trip this afternoon to Chinatown, I have a few gripes with Asian people. Allow me to point out that since I am of Chinese origin, technically I have a right to point out the following. Can someone please tell me why so many Asians:

– Are bespectacled and nerdy-looking? As if it’s not bad enough that they have bad hair, they feel a need to dye it blond. Tragically, since our black hair was never meant to be a light colour, it always ends up looking orange. Worse, roots grow out quickly and why doesn’t anyone realize that our eyebrows are also black? Yellow hair + black eyebrows = disaster.

– Huddle together in packs of 10 people or more, holding onto each other like they would lose one another in Market City? Shopping amongst crowds is an experience I truly detest, and trying to weave through groups glued together so tightly makes it all the worse.

– Dig their noses in public? And I’m not talking about men. Women are guilty of the offense as well, and in the middle of the shopping center I walked right past one lady shoving her finger in there like no tomorrow. I didn’t stick around long enough to witness if she found any gold to inspect.

– Like talking loudly? I realize that occasionally that is the nature of the language, but I reserve to right to feel that loud talking should be limited to when one is at home, not on the street. I really do not want to know what people are talking about when all I want is to enjoy the serenity of a quiet walk to the train station.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I despise going to Chinatown. Unfortunately, without a car, it’s the closest place for me to buy stuff. I try to limit trips to once a month the most. Plus I only go there to buy food I can’t get online. When Woolworths Online start selling good quality curry pastes, I’ll ban Chinatown trips forever. Also, I’ve noticed that the one of the Chinese Churches there seem to have made Belmore Park some sort of hunting ground to ambush any Asians walking through there from Central. Their motive is unclear to me but this is the second time I’ve been stalked. Coincidence?


§ 2 Responses to Small tragedies

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    Chatswood is another type of Chinatown. WTF is it with you guys and hair salons? Ya’ll took a page out of the Book of Negro and placed 40 hair salons everywhere you settle. And sushi bars. Seriously, we have a stupid amount of sushi bars here. When I first moved this side of the bridge there was only one at the station, now its like I died and went to the VERY expensive side of Japan.

  • Steph says:

    Well, ironically, I travel all the way to Chatswood to get my hair cut and straightened. Coz I’ve lived here almost 10 years and tried tons of other salons, and realized no one else knows how to cut Asian hair properly. Yes, there’s a difference. Didn’t know about the sushi bars though.

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