Halloween in Sydney

November 2, 2009 § 2 Comments

Early this week someone from work decided to proclaim to everyone on our floor that he did not believe in Halloween, due to the fact that it was an American tradition to begin with, and it was anti-Christian, therefore any kids who dared dress up and go trick-or-treating at their front door would be met with steely stares and frowns instead of candy. At this I was perplexed, probably because I’m not religious, and did not understand why anyone would disapprove of other people having a bit of fun once a year. With that in mind, I went and attended my first dress-up Halloween in Sydney, in a quiet discreet pub in Surry Hills. The journey there from Redfern was slightly amusing, as the companion was dressed in a rather controversial outfit, while I was rather non-scary in my flowery get-up.

Some random things said, heard, and thought throughout the weekend:

– Um, are you the man from the Blue Man Group?
– What do you mean I don’t frighten you? Can’t you see I’m a DEAD Hawaiian girl?
– Are you a giant?
– Peter Pan doesn’t drink in Never Never Land.
– Dear, you are shedding fake beard all over the place.
– Oooh, scary scientist.
– Hi, Pumpkin Head Girl.
– There are two Jokers here. Ok, you’re the better Joker because you made a Harvey Dent sticker.
– See, there’s Luigi!
– Batgirl is not a good look.
– If I see one more Scream mask, I will scream.
– Grown men wearing diapers with giant safety pins is creepy.
– Wow, you MADE that?
– I’m gonna cast a spell on you.
– That woman looks like Michael Jackson.
– Do you wanna rub my lamp?
– I’m actually an Indian-born Chinese.
– I don’t care what you say, a smiley-face drawn in blood on your white t-shirt does not count as a costume.


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