Learning the hard way

September 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

Getting older clearly does not automatically mean one gets any wiser. The reality is, I’m still as clueless in some things as I was years ago. Last night, after an enjoyable evening and I, high on some champagne and tempura, whistling my way home, found myself locked out. As usual I paused to get my keys out. No keys. Nevermind, the lovely companion has a spare set of keys. But wait. I had given the very same spare keys to my couchsurfer who departed this very day. And left my spare keys on my kitchen table.

So I realize this unfortunate series of coincidences as I wait for Mr. Locksmith by myself on my quiet street. It was 11pm. I had called many locksmiths but so many said it was too far to come. Finally I found a good soul who promptly came to my rescue in less than 30 minutes. I showed him my driver’s license to convince him this was where I lived and tried to gain some sympathy from him by pointing out it was the day of my birth. So clearly, he needed to soften the pain of me being locked out by giving me a birthday discount.

I didn’t get a discount. What I did gain was the knowledge that it costs $180 to be rescued by a nice locksmith on a weeknight.


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