Monkey-ing around

September 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

This week, on top of celebrating my existence on this earth for 31 years, I am also celebrating my return as CAD monkey. That’s Computer Aided Design if you want to be fancy, or if you want to be not-so-fancy, computer drafting. Basically drafting whatever the boss says. Which is very easy especially when taking over someone else’s work and no communication between team members since Monkeys seem to reside on the bottom level and non-Monkeys on the top level.

However, I have an awesome view. I sit right next to full height glass overlooking Sydney Harbour and Luna Park. The new offices are at the foot of the Luna Park entrance, and amidst staring at the computer screen, occasionally I manage to sneak a few peeks at passing boats. A gigantic ship passed by the Anzac Bridge this afternoon. Sometimes the kids on the roller coasters screaming their little heads off distract me. It’s a good distraction from the more forgettable circumstances.


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