September 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

New article out on Indie Travel Podcast.


A sea of dust

September 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

It must have been around 6am this morning when I cracked my eyes open to a sky of deep orange, filtering into my loft bedroom through the slits of the vertical window blinds. The feeling I got was ominously soothing, like I was the lone survivor in the aftermath of an event of apocalyptic proportions which occured while I was sleeping.

The external morning sounds appeared normal – the click clack of my neighbour’s heels and the slamming of the front gate, the thunderous roar of the many trucks that pass by my building, and even sounds of little kids rolling past the hall downstairs. I took a peek outside and saw the Sydney I knew engulfed in a sea of orange dust which seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

Walking past the local cafe, I observed all the parked cars blanketed in this dust, which seems so foreign. The normal route to Redfern station greeted me with folk holding face masks like they were trying to avoid the plague. It seemed over the top – after all, it is only dust.


September 19, 2009 § 5 Comments

Well, blow me down. Because today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yes, me mateys! For lessons on how to achieve this, a very detailed information page has been set up for your education and enjoyment. Be very excited my friends.

I’m on Lonely Planet!

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In an unexpected surprise, I’ve just been told that my article has mysteriously landed itself on the Lonely Planet website. I have no idea how it happened, but thanks Indie Travel Podcast, whatever you did. Quite exciting!

A box of chocolates

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This post is part rant, part dribble, and part ponder.

Last night, over lemongrass pork and salad, I discussed relationships with a 24-year-old. The 24-year-old is full of hope and wonder about love. The 31-year-old said, bah, what is love? How does one know when swimming deep inside it? Is it a feeling that could be warm and fuzzy? Does it present flowers on a stone cold morning with a droopy smile and chocolate kisses? Will it involve days when hearts are filled with sorrow but also with great happiness at the same time?

At long last, the answers still elude me. In a city where people regularly deconstruct relationships, I have temporarily given up on trying to form any more of them. Like I said to 24-year-old, it is all too much effort. It has taken me a very long time to get to this point in a relationship. I will fight hard for it. and should I lose this battle, sure, I’m still awesome, but there will be a little part of me that would have perished along with it. If it’s too easy, is it ever a real relationship? If it’s too hard, do we give up? Is it better to be alone or to be challenged regularly?

In other news, my new work thinks I’m super awesome and wants to give me a new computer, despite being completely anti-social and spending the last 2 days pretending to work while actually chatting away on the internet. Believe me, you are as confused as I am.

An untypical weekend

September 13, 2009 § 5 Comments

If there was one thing I could say about life right now is that it is not boring. This was the weekend which began on Friday night:

– Cold Friday Night. Met up with the girls to have a Korean dinner only to have to depart mid-way due to illness which was possibly an anxiety attack. I fear they think I have turned emo on them.

– Strange Saturday Morning. Awoken at 6am to travel to a park in the middle of Sydney in order to have a melodramatic 2-hour conversation with someone on his birthday. That was how long it took to convince a person that being refused entry by a nonchalant bouncer to a Kings Cross nightclub at 4am is not the end of the world, even if it was his birthday. It involved a lot of tears and shouting.

– Uneasy Saturday afternoon. After intense discussion at park, went home to have an equally intense sleep which lasted uncomfortably to 5pm, with sporadic anxiety attacks returning in between.

– Pleasant Saturday Night. Treated to an experience at Sydney Tower restaurant which involved a $85-per-head buffet dinner with average food but spectacular views. Afterwards strolled to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to enjoy harbour views. Reminded me of one New Year’s Eve 5 years ago at same point.

– Hot Sunday. Bussed it to Coogee Beach for the first time in a year. Still the same old beloved Coogee Beach. However, did not spot any topless girls today.

– Sunday Night. A useless fact – noticed that butt and boobs still have tan lines from Bali.

Oh, I do look forward to drawing disabled toilets tomorrow.

Learning the hard way

September 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

Getting older clearly does not automatically mean one gets any wiser. The reality is, I’m still as clueless in some things as I was years ago. Last night, after an enjoyable evening and I, high on some champagne and tempura, whistling my way home, found myself locked out. As usual I paused to get my keys out. No keys. Nevermind, the lovely companion has a spare set of keys. But wait. I had given the very same spare keys to my couchsurfer who departed this very day. And left my spare keys on my kitchen table.

So I realize this unfortunate series of coincidences as I wait for Mr. Locksmith by myself on my quiet street. It was 11pm. I had called many locksmiths but so many said it was too far to come. Finally I found a good soul who promptly came to my rescue in less than 30 minutes. I showed him my driver’s license to convince him this was where I lived and tried to gain some sympathy from him by pointing out it was the day of my birth. So clearly, he needed to soften the pain of me being locked out by giving me a birthday discount.

I didn’t get a discount. What I did gain was the knowledge that it costs $180 to be rescued by a nice locksmith on a weeknight.

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