Show me light

August 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

You know one of those times when you’ve dug a hole so deep, and you keep digging and digging until the point you forget why you were digging in the first place? At this point in my life that feeling surfaces and sometimes I have to sit up straight and remind myself what the hell I’m doing. Apparently, I studied to be an architect. Apparently, I worked shit to try to become a REAL architect. Apparently, I had to study some more after working shit to be an architect. But am I an architect? I’ve been mulling around at home, doing odd hours of work. I started a business. Well, to be precise, I registered a business name. Doing what? Architectural work. Apparently. The hole is really deep now, can’t really see where I’m digging, but I’m sure it will lead somewhere. Right? Someone give me a pinch and remind me please.


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