Trawling the burbs

August 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Sydney is an awesome place to live. There’s something for everybody, whether you’re the rich bastards who live in the Eastern Suburbs, the hippies who live in the Inner West, the posh who live on the other side of the Bridge, or even if you’re a – Westie. Is this gibberish to anyone? Sydney-siders take their real estate seriously indeed.

I have counted and come to the conclusion that I moved exactly 9 times since I first stepped foot in Sydney in 2000. That’s an average of once every year. The very first place I lived in was in Malabar, with my only friend’s crazy aunt’s sunroom which had no door. I lasted there exactly 2 weeks before I hightailed out of there due to said crazy aunt who yelled and screamed for no apparent reason. I moved to a student room in Randwick, and stayed there for 6 months before realizing the main tenant was ripping everybody off by paying no rent himself.

Next I moved to Kingford, and there I stayed between two places for two to three years while finishing my degree. Prior to finishing my degree, I really knew nowhere else except the confines of the few suburbs around the university. After that I discovered there was life beyond Kensington and moved to a studio in Alexandria. This lasted just over a year before joining the hippies in the inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill. I stayed here the longest, and became quite used to strolling around Summer Hill and Newtown every weekend.

It would seem that I had been upgrading since, but after that things took a turn for the worse and I found myself moving into ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, which was an affectionate term for a block of units in Annandale which both my friend and I moved into after grandiose break-ups. As the story goes, I stayed there for a grand total of 9 months before packing up, leaving Sydney for almost a year, and now that I’ve returned, I find myself back in the sunny suburb of Alexandria.

How long will I stay? Long enough, I hope.


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