Mac me happy

August 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Since last week I confess I’ve been feeling slightly morose. This is because I went and did the silliest thing and installed Windows on my Mac. You know those times when some things just aren’t meant to be? This is one of those times. If I had a choice Windows would not lay its incompetent fingers on my Mac, but I needed to run a Windows program for work. And so during its installation I was already feeling nervous and squeezed my eyes shut when my lovely companion was doing the dirty deed. It all went perfectly well until the next day when my Mac just wouldn’t boot up. All I managed to get out of it was filthy Windows. So the week passed and I worried and worried about my Mac. I dreamed about all my data and pictures and stuff on the hard drive that I just couldn’t access. It was a sad Mac and it remained so until last night. The lovely companion aka Dr Fix-it-all did some magic voodoo thing and now it works again. All the time he was doing the fixing I distracted myself by cleaning. I just couldn’t bear to look. I mean, imagine how a surgeon would feel with family members looking over his shoulder while cutting out someone’s brain. But all is well, as I have a happy Mac once again. It works again. It is indeed quite useful to have a patient computer genius as a boyfriend.


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