Fork in the road

August 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Poor disillusioned soul. I noticed him immediately, clutching onto his precious T-square like it was spun out of gold. He was oddly disproportionate, I would even dare call him squat, emphasized only by his tight skinny jeans and large grey speckled cardigan. One of the most striking things that caught my eye first was his shiny gold Asics Tiger shoes, poking out from under his skintights. Men really should not wear tight pants. And dude, you will throw away that T-square like it was diseased by the time you finish your course. I felt sorry for him.

This is one of the things I like about living near Redfern station – the variety of characters. Sure there’re the compulsory drunks and drug misfits but hell, they’re honest about what they are. Then there’re the suited up professionals, cutesy student types from all over the world, and geriatic buggers from around everywhere. This morning one tried to talk to me but I wasn’t in the mood for conversation.

Lately I’ve been antisocial. In between finding a place to live, working here and there, taking damn public transport, moving, sorting out change of addresses and getting in touch with everyone to say hello, I’m quite physically and mentally exhausted. I just want to hang out with people I already know, and can’t give a shit about socializing and meeting new people. Too much hard work, and most people know, I’m just plain lazy.


§ One Response to Fork in the road

  • V says:

    looks like ur settling in..btw fergot my phone again and can't contact via facebook because I sabotaged it on my work computer..but do you want to do the dinner thing this week? Fri or Sat?

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