Busting balls

July 21, 2009 § 4 Comments

When did trying to rent an apartment become similar to applying for a job? You fill out an application form, submit your credentials and references, put on your best dress and smile, and hope to good heavens that you are successful. Last week I saw at last a suitable place, and like a race for the finish line I had to gather all my necessary documents to forward to the real estate agent by the end of the day so as not to miss out. It was a morning weekday inspection and there was a bloody queue to inspect the unit. Don’t people have to work? The weekend passed by without a word from the agents, and today I got a call.  As I answered the phone my heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of my body, thinking they were calling me because I was the successful applicant. But the sweet little old agent just informed me that I had been ‘shortlisted’ out of many applicants and it’s down to me and two other applicants. Dear old thing, she seemed so sincere when she told me my chances were very good. What chances? I want factual evidence! My poor heart is still recovering from that call this afternoon. Is all this trauma worth it for a miserly apartment? I’m thinking of going back to Europe for couchsurfing.


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