Technical love

July 28, 2009 § 3 Comments

What happened to old-fashioned romance? Bah, it’s all rubbish. I’m for new-fashioned romance. How does that work? Well, the basis of the relationship is conducted online. You share hopes and dreams on Google talk, argue and have fights over MSN, plan dates and holidays through phone text. Forget waiting in the rain with a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or boring old jewelry. Just buy me a domain name. And thank you to the most lovely companion.


Right round

July 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

Things are looking good. When things are somewhat good, I like to make a list.

1. GOT that apartment. Signed the lease. Damn. Most stressful 5 weeks of this year by far.

2. GOT my ABN. Issued my first invoice. Finally!

3. GOT to go appliance and furniture shopping. I need a crap load of stuff. 

4. GOT to stop eating Timtams. But it’s difficult.

5. GOT to get a car. It took more than 2 hours to get from Petersham to Balmain and back. Insane!

6. GOT to somehow trick the lovely companion to move into my apartment with me so I can spend less on rent and more on pretty things for myself. I deserve this, damn you!<

7. GOT to stop making lists. But they're fun. And so organized. 

Busting balls

July 21, 2009 § 4 Comments

When did trying to rent an apartment become similar to applying for a job? You fill out an application form, submit your credentials and references, put on your best dress and smile, and hope to good heavens that you are successful. Last week I saw at last a suitable place, and like a race for the finish line I had to gather all my necessary documents to forward to the real estate agent by the end of the day so as not to miss out. It was a morning weekday inspection and there was a bloody queue to inspect the unit. Don’t people have to work? The weekend passed by without a word from the agents, and today I got a call.  As I answered the phone my heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of my body, thinking they were calling me because I was the successful applicant. But the sweet little old agent just informed me that I had been ‘shortlisted’ out of many applicants and it’s down to me and two other applicants. Dear old thing, she seemed so sincere when she told me my chances were very good. What chances? I want factual evidence! My poor heart is still recovering from that call this afternoon. Is all this trauma worth it for a miserly apartment? I’m thinking of going back to Europe for couchsurfing.

Gone baby gone

July 19, 2009 § 3 Comments

I know I’ve disappeared on and off for a while. This I have good reasons for. 

I’m still searching for a place to live. Yes, really. One of the most problematic things about being an architect is that we have good taste. Well, no, not all of us, but at least I like to think I do. Anyway the issue with having good taste is that we just simply cannot live anywhere. There is a series of criteria in selecting a place of habitation:

– The building must be aesthetically pleasing.

– There must be natural light coming into the unit.

– Internal laundry is preferable as I have had enough of crawling around outside when it’s cold and wet only to discover all the machines are full.

– No pink bathrooms.

– No dead roaches in the kitchen.

– Close to a train station on the inner west line. 

It’s not so much to ask, right? In other news, I’m also very preoccupied with the two cats I’m living with at the moment. One is sleeping beside me right now and I’m resisting all temptation to wake him up for a cuddle.

The drawing board

July 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

One thing is for certain. As far as I can tell I have one fervent visitor who reads this blog regularly, I assume out of genuine interest and perhaps a healthy dose of curiosity in the mundane that is my life. Yes, that’s you, Orhan. Although this blog started out as a travel blog, human nature has inevitably turned it into an extremely personal blog where I find myself regularly writing about private thoughts I normally wouldn’t share with anyone but my closest friends. Doing this is to my own detriment as I probably shouldn’t include such personal feelings but damn it, it’s my blog and I should be able to write about whatever I damn well please. This I don’t mind as much for I doubt anybody besides my closest friends and random bloggers read it but I do mind when those who claim to want to be my friends read it, jump to conclusions and manipulate its content into something completely different from its original intent. Surely you will figure out by now I’m referring to my previous post which I wrote partly to vent my frustrations at being unable to find a decent place to live, but mostly it was a big exaggerated joke at my own expense when I realized how anal I was when it came to domesticity. Some refused to get the joke. Which brings me back to square one. It looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and increase my rental budget as I’m looking at living on my own again. No sharing. Good news is, I already ordered my brand new bed, due to be delivered in 6 weeks. That’s my timeframe for finding somewhere to put it. Don’t ask.

My name is

July 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

Although I would never consider myself a needy and demanding sort of person when it comes to most aspects of life, there are some things which absolutely must comply when relating to domestic life. In the past year, with other more important pursuits and throughout my couchsurfing odyssey, I managed to temporarily suppress these tendencies but not without much angst and compromise. However now that I’m home I’ve decided I cannot contradict my true nature any longer, and any more extended periods of denial would transform me into one truly unhappy person. At that I would make myself and others around me utterly miserable.

It is due to these strict rules that I’ve grown to live by that refrains me from searching for any kind of shared accommodation, for fear I would be the roommate from hell. I would be what one would call controlling in all areas of the home – I am kitchen nazi, bathroom nazi, laundry nazi, bedroom nazi, and the list goes on. For example:

1. The bed, upholstered in a high quality fabric and dressed in fine quality white sheets, shall be made to hotel standards every morning. This means the feathery blanket and heavy wool quilt must be folded tight and right, with pillows appropriately arranged and fluffed so that its sleeper may come home to a deluxe-like environment every night.

2. All bathroom tools, devices and the like must be stored neatly in cupboards or drawers. If it means opening a drawer to get to your toothbrush twice a day, so be it. Towels which inhabit this space must be white, to further enhance the hotel-like moments. These simple practices ensure a clean and pleasant bathroom experience for all users.

3. This rule also applies to the kitchen. All appliances and crockery must be washed, dried and stored away after each meal. Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. No dishes are to be left in the sink at all times, and I do not like using the dishwasher because this means dirty crockery stews in there for long hours. It also introduces unpleasant smells. Garbage must be thrown out every night. Has anyone seen the volumes of Oz cockroaches?

4. Laundry is one of the things I’m passionate about. Call me a freak, but I really like doing it. The mechanical process of it – wash, dry, fold – seems simple yet therapeutic. I love the smells of laundry and sun, which is why I never let laundry linger, my own or any co-habitant of mine.

5. No outdoor footwear can be worn inside. Don’t care how cold your feet are, wear socks.

6. Absolutely no smoking of any substance.

7. Ah, but copious amounts of alcoholic beverages are most welcome.

All of the above would make me as happy as a clam. As one can probably tell, my standards of tidiness and cleanliness are at neurotic levels. Clutter and dust just don’t belong where I live. Which is why this post serves as a pseudo word of caution to my potential roommate, my lovely companion X. Due to the bleak rental market anything within one person’s budget is a shithole, so there has been serious discussion about possibly sharing a place in order to double the money and maintaining said quality of life in a nice apartment. Well, at least for me anyway. Hey! He shouldn’t complain. At least his bed will always be made and laundry will always be done. He just needs to obey the regime of The Royal Ruler Of Home. And occasionally perform slave-like duties.

Through the looking glass

July 5, 2009 § 4 Comments

Some things have been bothering me. Is it the fact that I’m living in my friend’s piano room on her incredibly comfortable inflatable bed? Is it because I’m pulling clothes out of a backpack and dusty boxes? Or is it due to being told to go home to China and sworn at by a drunken misfit outside the local Petersham pub? Doesn’t matter where we’re from, I suppose we all do look alike. It’s sunny outside and cold inside. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find a place to live, buy a car, and get work. There are pretty things to be bought everywhere but the motivation to buy them just isn’t there. But let’s not be grim. I am tremendously happy to be home, plus I have been basking in the sun and very good company. This includes people and cats.

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