I’m Always Right

June 25, 2009 § 3 Comments

Like many unexplainable phenomena in this strange world of ours, Facebook belongs in the category that both delivers things good and evil. Without fail it’s a great source of networking and sticking our noses into other people’s business but mostly it’s an excellent way to waste time. In the beginning I was on a friend collection frenzy and added them like sugar addicts dropped cubes into their coffee. Lately I’ve developed Facebook snobbery, and not only have I been deleting dozens of people who I don’t care about and vice versa, I’ve been letting friend requests sit at the top right hand corner for weeks before finally deleting them anyway.

As I sit at my friend’s computer mooching off her internets and her room and her cats, my feet are cold and I really need a job. Since I’ve been back I have no home, no car, and no work. But things I have done:

– Bought delicious sheets, a warm quilt, and an electric blanket, although I have no bed to put them on.

– Played tourist and visited the Opera Bar and Orbit Bar at Australia Square.

– Went to my beloved Newtown and ate at my favourite Asakusa and drank at my favourite Kuleto’s.

In the next week I’m planning to buy a bed. But first I would need a place to put it in. Doesn’t matter, I’m just bloody excited to be back.


§ 3 Responses to I’m Always Right

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    Good to have you back.

    Re: Facebook, I am the same. I'm down to 17 people on my list and half of them are fellow bloggers I've known over time. If I knew your full name I'd add you.

    Hint, hint.

  • Steph says:

    Lol. If we facebooked each other there would be no mystery left in the blogosphere. Are you Orhan Kahn on it, and if so, I can search for you šŸ™‚

  • Orhan Kahn says:


    I am a ghost in the Book of Faces. Not to be confused with the Book of Feces.

    No love lost šŸ™‚

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