Deep blue

June 17, 2009 § 4 Comments

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The past is not something I like to dwell on but for this post I have no choice but to bring it up. On a trip to Coffs Harbour around 4 or 5 years ago a dreadful event occurred. As mentioned in the post below I fear I am hardly an outdoors enthusiast and this applies to land and sea. Although I am very happy to watch dophins dodge around waves from the confines of a ship once in a while and go kayaking in a small calm river, any more extreme attempts would immediately incur feelings of dread. Knowing that about myself unfortunately doesn’t stop me from my occassional moments of crazy (see below), and on that fateful day at Coffs Harbour I decided to go snorkelling for the first time.

For unknown reasons whenever someone mentions snorkelling I always conjure images of myself in knee-deep water, by the sandy beach, admiring colourful fishies and corals merely meters from the safety of the shore. Surely everyone knows this is not the case, and by the time I realized this the boat was already on its speedy way across the deep blue sea. And what do we know about the deep blue sea? It’s choppy as hell. And what did I find out about myself that day? I get very very sea-sick. Easily. So not 10 minutes into the boat ride with kids and adults excitedly chattering away, the combination of the smell of old wet-suit, the rough waves, and cleverly having a full lunch right before going, I puked my guts out. While everyone jumped and splashed in the water snorkelling away, I got so sick that I had to get out of the water after less than a minute and stay on the boat. Apparently they saw a baby shark. Whatever.

Anyway the point is I attempted snorkelling a second time in Bali, almost putting that incident out of my mind forever thinking time would heal all wounds. Not really, but the short of it is, I managed to successfully snorkel for about 15 minutes without throwing up my guts. The sea was less choppy but as I chewed on a handful of mints to keep nausea away, I made a mental note not to go snorkelling again. At least not without taking anti-nausea medication.


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