Last kiss

May 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

For as long as I can remember, goodbyes have been a constant occurrence in my life. From the very moment I came of academic age, I have been moved around school to school to suit my parents’ fickle tastes. Starting out in a public school for a year or two and whisked right out to a private school before I had the chance to grow into the blue and white uniforms. I said goodbye to my little friends then it was off to a more ‘reputable’ school. Before I barely had a chance to make proper girlie enemies they took me right out again and shipped me off to San Francisco. Goodbye swanky school, hello middle-class America.

Then it was middle school for a few months, then the shortest freshman year in the world in an American High School I can’t even recall the name of. I think I spent a week there, then off to yet a different high school because we moved to a different suburb. Which makes me wonder now, why did I even bother to go to the first one? Another mystery. So I continued freshman and subsequently sophomore year in Abraham Lincoln High and this time stayed 2 years to actually make meaningful connections with people. They became really good friends of mine who I really bonded with but then the parents decided this was the perfect time to pack everyone up back to Malaysia. I wanted to stay, but at 15, without any rights, I had to say goodbye yet again.

Then it was a different kind of high school education again and I started over. College came next, and this time instead of me saying goodbye, other people bade me farewell and went separate ways. Suddenly I found myself going off to Australia. I suppose what I’m rambling on about is I’ve said goodbye so many times now that I’ve become immune to it. I’ve also come to realize that goodbyes aren’t forever, and that the people we care about, our true friends, we will always meet again no matter time or distance. This time, no more goodbyes for me, for a while at least, and if the time does arise again, I’ll just say ‘fuck you’ and move on. Just like I always have.


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