Road rules

May 17, 2009 § 4 Comments

Once upon a time I used to be a Malaysian driver. Young and carefree, I cruised the crazy streets and maneuvered 4-lane roundabouts with foolish confidence. I drove everywhere from Point A to Point B to Point Z with not a worrisome thought in the world, shooting dirty looks and giving the finger to whoever I deemed a stupid driver. The roads were mine when I was 17 and fearless was my middle name.

That feels like a gazillion years ago, and I haven’t driven a car in this country for almost 10 years. Now the roads make me feel insignificant, the motorbikes rule, and I don’t know my way around anymore. All the drivers seem to be consumed with a silent road rage which I never noticed those many years ago. Probably at that time my own road rage-ness overshadowed everything else.

These days I play the role of humble passenger who has no idea where everywhere is, and with that in mind I sit quietly in the backseat while someone else does the driving. I usually shut my brain off and let the car move along. Most of the time I’m just scared shitless and I like distracting myself by day-dreaming of pretty things. Oh yes, ignorance is bliss.


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