May 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

The other week I came across one of those bargain bin book places where they were selling books for RM10 (which is around AUD$4) each. Naturally I stopped and scoured the tables for a while, finding tons of crap and surprisingly a few decent books. Being a bit of a book snob, I usually only buy books from authors who win important stuff like the Booker Prize or the Nobel Prize, and when I saw a book written by J.M. Coetzee I bought it. You just can’t go wrong with the man who won the fucking Nobel Prize.

The Life And Times Of Michael K, though thought-provoking and extremely profound, is a very depressing book. It’s basically a story of a man who really shouldn’t have been born at all, for he was born into a world to live a half-empty miserable existence. There is only one other book which has gotten me as depressed upon reading it, and that is The Kite Runner. For this reason I shall forever avoid watching the movie based on it, for fear I should sink into a deep pit of gloom and never emerge.

For a change of spirit, I’m now reading Vernon God Little. It’s a comedy based in Texas, and as I read the words, for some unexplained reason the voice in my head narrating the story is Earl, from My Name Is Earl. The character with a New York accent is Danny Devito’s voice.


§ 2 Responses to Book-ended

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    That is adorable. See, thats my problem with reading, I don’t seperate the characters well in my head.

    The most depressing story I’ve ever read was about a young Australian man who was sent to a prison in Thailand for smuggling drugs.

  • Steph says:

    It would only be depressing if he wasn’t guilty.

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