How and when

May 11, 2009 § 7 Comments

There are two things in this world which will forever remain a mystery to me. One is politics, and though I can tell Turnbull and Garrett apart, I have no idea as to exactly what they do and what it is they stand for. Because I never was a resident in one place for very long, being the age I am now, I have never voted in my entire life and the next election in 2011 will be my very first one. Sydney is the only place I have lived for such a long period of time. I don’t know whether to be excited or not.

The other thing I often wonder about is how on the earth I turned out the way I did. Being born in a closed society where my parents never talked to me about puberty or sex or drugs, and scenes of people kissing on tv is abruptly censored out, where we never display emotions or feelings, what happened? Malaysian schools certainly didn’t include those things in their curriculum. It’s a community of ignorance, where not openly discussing it means nothing will ever happen. How then is it possible that young girls get raped pretty much every single week, and that there are dozens of teen mothers who abandon their babies in the dump? No, they didn’t learn that in school.

Despite all of the above, I think I’m just lucky that I turned out to be normal. By normal I mean I don’t harbour repressed feelings, I know how to party and have fun, I can talk about sex freely with anyone who would like to discuss it, and I like physical affection. I get drunk once in a while, had my share of boys, and don’t abuse freely available drugs. Amidst all these ‘immoral’ activities, I studied my ass off and worked long and hard to build a professional career I’m really proud of. Along the way I didn’t get duped by sleazy men or get pregnant accidentally, and I’m not naive by a long shot.

How did I become this person? A mystery. An enigma.


§ 7 Responses to How and when

  • V says:

    Well to start, they are members of opposing parties. One use to be the lead singer of Midnight Oil and is now quite an ineffective Minister for Environment. The other is a rich ex investment banker turned opposition party leader who lives near Potts Point but don’t be like me and yell, ” ITS MALCOLM TURNBULL!!!! when you see him out in his trekkie daks walking his pet shitzus and then run away down to WoolooMooloo(spell?) only to bump into Russell Crowe šŸ˜›

  • S says:

    I envy you.

    I had a very liberal household, I have soft spot for easily available drugs, I have gotten pregnant once (accidentally), my professional life is a checker board, I have a degree but didn’t study particularly hard to get it.

    I suppose. We are our own people. Nature or nurture aside, who we are is who we will be. : )

  • S says:

    I just saw your other site, I like it, what did you do? Professionally?

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    You and I share a political indifference; never have I felt closer to a stranger šŸ™‚

  • Steph says:

    @V: Lol, I remember you telling me about this. You said you were expecting to bump into Cate next.

    @S: The accidental pregnancy thing wasn’t meant to be derogatory, you know that right? I’m just shocked that it never happened to me, since no one ever told me about safe sex and condoms as a teenager.

    Professionally, in the design field.

    @Orhan: That’s right. My tiny brain simply cannot process political information.

  • V says:

    I did run into Cate Blanchett on that same day after the Malcolm and Russell incident, she was eating lunch on the pier with her family…but by then…celebrities were a dime a dozen..couldn’ be bothered yelling anymore…was afraid Russell would throw a phone at me..

  • Steph says:

    The only person I ever saw was Sam Neill crossing the street at Crows Nest. Wait, how did this turn into a celebrity-spotting comment box??

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