Random happenings

April 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

I know there hasn’t been too many posts lately, but it’s quite hard to write exciting things about the corner kopitiam and the mall. However, I have been ‘busy’ doing the following:

Helping my dad sell stuff on Ebay. It has now become his new hobby and he is now quite addicted. He likes checking his account, like, every few hours to see if someone wants to buy his Sumo clock.

Working on launching my own website themed around travel and personal change.

Writing my first e-book based on the last 12 months of my life.

Catching up on ‘Heroes’. I am still in love with Sylar. He doesn’t eat people’s brains anymore though. I’m slightly disappointed.

Learning French. In theory I am improving, but in practice, uh, maybe not. I totally suck at foreign languages.

Reading Necromancer by William Gibson. I’m actually struggling to finish it.

Dusting off my resume and starting to think about working again. Bummer.

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of a certain visitor in 4 weeks time.

Wondering where the hell Orhan disappeared to.


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