Miracle cure

April 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, apparently this is what happens to one’s foot after trekking continuously from country to country for around 6 months. You get a big old foot sprain. The weird thing is, I did not know it was a sprain at the time I got it. Uh, that was maybe back in December. All I know is there was an annoying little pain on my left foot every time I put some pressure on it or tried to bend it a certain way and thought maybe it would go away after a while. So I left it. And then forgot about it for like 4 months and kept walking with this condition. I mean, I got this back in France, and had been hopping through more than 10 countries since then. Suppose all the exciting things that were happening kind of distracted me from the pain.

Anyway, the point is, I got it checked out by my mom’s amazing Chinese acupuncturist-chiropracter type person. She just grabs my foot and goes ‘look, can’t you see how swollen it is?’. I’m like, ‘um, I don’t really study my feet in detail too often, so no’. She then proceeds to rub it vigorously with some stinky white Chinese stuff. She rubs it HARD and oh, it hurts. Make it go away, please. I try not to look and she continues rubbing for like 10 minutes. Extreme pain. I began to wonder how I ever managed to walk on this foot for such a long period of time.

She finally finished, and goes, ‘try bending it again’. I tried. Oh my goodness me, the pain is gone. It has disappeared from the face of the earth and I want to give this woman a big wet kiss. She asks me if I want it bandaged. Earlier I saw what she put in this ‘bandage’. Nasty smelly Chinese brown-looking medicine that looks like poo. I hesitated but she said ‘it will heal much faster and you might not have to come back’.

Needless to say, with my foot covered in nasty brown stuff-filled bandages, it is much better!


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