Recap again

April 19, 2009 § 3 Comments

Time for the second round of recaps in the last months of travel. Continuing on from the previous one, here are some of the random moments lodged in my head for all time – the awesome awesomes, the low lows, and a few shudder-worthy ones I wish I could do a ‘Total Recall’ a la Arnold Schwarzenegger on.

1. Pissed drunk, confused and stupidly emotional one cold and strange night/morning in Toulouse: 4am, alone on unfamiliar street, sitting on the sidewalk, tears unable to come out.

2. Watching Obama’s take-over.

3. Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps with skater boy C.

4. Eating my first space cake and feeling like I was about to die. This memory I would like to erase forever.

5. Getting off at the wrong bus stop at 3am in Amsterdam and wandering in the biting 0 degree cold, almost pitch black, for about 15 minutes before I realized my mistake. I was out of the city, in the suburbs, cows and sheep on either side of me, no street lights, no cars, no humans. Luckily I walked back to the bus stop and another bus arrived to take me to the right one. Note: I hate buses, and there is more than one stop named ‘Dorp’. DOH!

6. Being super duper sick in Brussels with food poisoning and unable to savour all that yummy Belgian chocolate. Fortunately I hoarded some and got to eat them when I recovered.

7. Watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in Brussels, along with the geriatics, unemployed, and the school-skippers.

8. Strangely beginning to feel very homesick during this period of time.

9. Going to an ‘art’ gallery-like place in a freaky derelict building in Berlin.

10. Visiting the Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind in Berlin. Archinerd dream come true.

11. Partying it up Czech style with a super cool couchsurfer and his friends in Prague. Details are hazy, but I remember it being fun.

12. Watching a classical concert at the fabulous Golden Hall at the Musikverein, Vienna.

13. Gawking at nude flabby Hungarian women at the thermal baths in Hungary. This was when my camera broke.

14. Going to the ballet in Copenhagen, and scored great seats with complimentary drinks despite only paying half-price for cheap-ass standing tickets.

15. Getting lost at night in Milan, and helped generously by two kind Italian souls who walked with me all the way to my destination. Thanks Sylvia and Daniel.

16. Meeting creepy greasy-haired Italian fellow whose idea of picking up foreign women was hooking arms upon meeting them for 5 minutes. Naturally no discretion was practiced here and I literally ran away.

17. Taking the ferry from Piraeus to the island of Aegina, spectacular.

18. Spending the night at Milan Malpensa airport and having to sleep uncomfortably on my backpack.

19. Watching the Coldplay concert live at Emirates Palace on one of Abu Dhabi’s rare stormy nights.

20. Arriving in Malaysia to visit the parents and feeling extreme relief at not having to think about transport/food/accommodation for a little while.

It really has been the trip of a lifetime, and I’ll be returning to Sydney with these cool souvenirs, thanks.


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