One afternoon

March 2, 2009 § 3 Comments

Yesterday I was kidnapped from posh Vienna and whisked away into the Viennese countryside for a ‘traditional’ Austrian family celebration. It was D’s aunt’s 50th birthday, and D thought it would be a great idea to bring her foreigner friend along.

Never one to complain about food, drink, or birthdays, I happily went. We arrived at the restaurant, a cozy place though freakily decorated with the heads of rhinos, deer, and other game animals. One by one the family arrived, and strangely, family members here shake hands with each other. Even weirder for me, I had to stop myself from kissing people’s cheeks as I’ve now grown accustomed to here in Europe. A bit of a reverse culture shock.

Sitting down at one end of the table with D’s relatives, the food started to arrive. Despite my small body, I always thought of myself as having a rather big consumption of food, until I met 18 year-old Incredible Eating Machine yesterday. He was a skinny thing, but he polished off his own plate of food, and three other plates of food which we could not possibly fit into our bodies. I watched in wonder as he shoved potatoes, steaks, and cakes down a bottomless pit. At the end of it, he did not even look stuffed. He is my new hero.

All in all, an entertaining day. Interestingly, I was also informed that Austrians generally have not seen The Sound Of Music, and the hills are not alive with its sound. Also no trail of the Von Trapp family. Go figure.


§ 3 Responses to One afternoon

  • Orhan Kahn says:

    Sorry for the confusion over at my blog, my list decided to delete itself this morning and I had to refer to an old list to restore it, which you weren’t on. Your globe trotting adventures will remain there for as long as you chose to trott!

    I’ve been known to be a big eater. I can eat up to 3kgs of food in one sitting and if I’m stoned, alot more. If I were in Europe I’d kill myself with eating and drinking, I’m sure of it!

  • Steph says:

    @Orhan: Big aw 🙂 I was ashamed of myself for not being able to compete with skinny 18 year old! 3 kgs of food sounds like enough to feed a family of 4 tiny people. As for being stoned, the paranoia would just distract me, so I’d rather be sane when eating!

  • S says:

    Steph, I hate him. Just thinking about all that food made me gain kilos : )

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