Golden mist

March 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

Gold was the colour. It was the shade wrapped around the entire climate of the concert hall at the Musikverein, burning its golden intensity onto the look, the smell, and the people who were there.

Ladies and gentlemen were dressed up in their evening best. Some men wore their tuxedos, and the women on their arms clicked their high heels and brushed their fur coats past me. I thought, how posh it would be to mingle with Viennese high society. Now, I think I left a nice haircut and fine clothes back in Sydney. Hmm indeed. Fortunately we were in the ‘restricted view’ section also known as the ‘cheapskate traveler’ section, as I had definitely prefered others’ views to be restricted of me. I skulked in the shadows cast by other tourists in my jeans and lace-up Nike boots.

Haydn and Beethoven were the music. I tried my Stevie Wonder technique, and closed my eyes to feel the glorious sounds. Sustaining that for a while, I decided it was more entertaining to observe the maestro conducting the music, which is actually one of my favourite things about classical concerts. He was a jowly man in his sixties I assume, with silvery grey hair. I was completely mesmerized by his intense conducting, and although I could hardly see the orchestra from where I was sitting, I felt the music pulsing through his mind as he waved his hands and baton around.

I was also entertained by the fact that everybody in the hall decided to cough whenever the conductor paused for 5 seconds. I was tempted to let out a cough myself just to join in the fun, but I took this opportunity to quickly open the wrapper on my chocolate bar to stop my growling tummy. Oh yeah, I’m all class. Crunching on my delicious nut-filled snack, I thought it was a good thing I sat in the furthest of the furthest row, out of staring sight.

Despite the frequent skulking, I basked in this opulent glow for two hours. Oh my. It was magnificent.


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