Good times

February 27, 2009 § 3 Comments

Life currently consists of eating toast with peanut butter, drinking peppermint tea, sleeping 10 hours a day, and photo-taking when I feel like dragging my lazy ass out.

I’m couchsurfiing with D, in her gorgeous retro apartment, where I’ve been bumming around not doing much. Slightly different from Prague, where couchsurfing with boisterous boys and a dog meant going to bed late, with protests going unheeded when it came to drinking beers and shots till morning. Sometimes boys can be quite convincing.

Besides walking around the city and giggling to myself every time I spot the word ‘wiener’ and ‘pull sharply’, Vienna has been a quiet affair so far. The weather has been poorly, people seem rather depressed, and I have been feeling extremely lethargic. So being the unambitious tourist that I am right now, I’m gonna lay back, eat my peanut butter, read my book, and look forward to the symphony at Musikverein tomorrow night. Apparently I am also being taken to the Viennese countryside on Sunday to celebrate D’s aunt’s birthday.

It sounds entirely unfair that I’m living this life I’m living whilst the rest of the world struggles with the economic crisis, but it has to go on. I’m currently adopting the philosophy of ‘ignorance is bliss’ and until the day comes when I have to start worrying about stuff like that, hey, I don’t mind this life at all.


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